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Our goal is to provide the most effective therapy services required to achieve optimal emotional and behavioral health.

The Amethyst Difference

Amethyst is committed to providing psychotherapy in Greensboro, North Carolina, that is tailored to the specific needs of each client, assuring standards of effective, accessible, and available care. Because therapy is based on mutual trust and confidentiality, as an ethical standard, therapists do not discuss your information with other people. It is only in rare cases where there is a potential safety risk, that a therapist may inform other relevant people.

Treatment That Works

Because several multi-year studies have shown that evidence based practices can reduce symptoms significantly for many years following the end of psychological treatment, Amethyst adheres to a strict evidence based treatment model. In other words, your clinician will be committed to measurable behavioral and emotional outcomes as evidence that your concern coming into therapy is alleviated or completely eliminated by treatment end.

Accessible Care

Our staff go to great lengths to ensure that your treatment is provided in a safe, supportive, and caring environment, with your privacy as a top concern.

  • In-Home Therapy – Therapy takes place in the home for some individuals with transportation needs.
  • School-Based Therapy – Therapists work within school facilities to help students overcome behavioral, emotional or social problems that interfere with success at school and at home.
  • Office-Based Therapy – Our clinics provide safe, caring, comfortable, and confidential environments.
  • Telehealth – Therapy may be offered remotely through technology such as confidential skype and other private videoconferencing.

Our Services Include:

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