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Why Do Most People Resort to Substance Use Abuse?


A wide variety of substances and situations can lead to abuse. While the causes and severity of addiction vary from substance to substance, a few common threads often link addicts.

A person’s understanding of substance misuse is the first step in effectively helping a loved one struggling with this or any other mental health issue with substance abuse treatment.

A person’s vulnerability to substance abuse increases with exposure to these risk factors. Some elements that increase a person’s likelihood of abuse are their genes, family history, mental health, and surroundings.

We will address some causes of substance misuse as a provider of psychotherapy in Greensboro, North Carolina. The grounds are, of course, incredibly nuanced. Reasons vary from deeply personal to more universal.

However, the following are the most known causes:

  • Peer Pressure
    The desire to blend in is a common motivating factor for young people and adults. It’s not always easy to say no when invited to a party with drugs and alcohol, especially if attending such an event is seen as a means to get acceptance from your peers.
  • Depression
    Some forms of depression are notoriously challenging to treat, so many individuals turn to drugs or alcohol for quick, short-term relief rather than seeing a therapist.
  • Medications Overdosage
    People often incorrectly assume they can take the medication without fear of adverse side effects. Some medicines, like opioids, can be highly addictive and serve as a “gateway” drug.

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