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How Does Poor Anger Management Affect Your Life?


We have all tried being furious at something (or someone) at least once in our lives. Being angry is not inherently a bad thing. It is a normal emotional reaction, and expressing it is healthy most of the time.

But as we provide mental health counseling in North Carolina, we are more familiar with cases of poorly controlled anger. Feeling anger is normal, but if you feel like this anger is out of control and you feel angry at small things, you may need to learn anger management techniques. But first, how does this poor anger control affect our life?

Here are some reasons:

  • Health Effects

    While anger is a normal emotion, it doesn’t mean it is always healthy. When you are angry all the time, your health will most likely deteriorate as you become susceptible to hypertension and other heart diseases.

  • Stress

    Anger causes a lot of stress. It does necessarily feel nice to be angry at something. Your feelings of anxiety may even intensify with anger. With this prolonged anger, you can suffer several mental issues. Talking to the right therapist may help you find a solution to these effects.

  • Deteriorating Relationships

    You will witness many relationships deteriorate when you have anger issues. It can be hard to deal with a person who has little control over their anger. This emotion can make you do and say things you don’t mean, and you may hurt other people in some way. Behavioral therapy is often a good way to address these anger issues.

Here at Amethyst Consulting & Treatment Solutions, PLLC, we can help you address these anger issues and other mental problems. We offer psychotherapy in Greensboro, North Carolina, and are here to help. Call us today!

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