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Exploring Common Reactions to Stress

Exploring Common Reactions to Stress

Recall the last time you were stressed, what did you think, feel, or do? Take further history and remember other stressful situations you had in the past. Although stressful situations can vastly differ from each other, you may notice some similarities in your thinking, feeling, and actions.

These reactions are in some way a coping mechanism – whether we recognize it or not. Understanding what we do in stressful situations can help us assess if our response is effective or if we need to explore other coping options. This knowledge can also help us better relate to our family and friends whenever they are in distress.

Although not exhaustive and certainly not exclusive for people experiencing stress, here are some common reactions when a person is experiencing stress.

  • Changes in behavioral aspect
    change of activity levels, changes in job performance, irritability, frequent arguments, inability to rest or let down, periods of crying, increased use of tobacco, alcohol, and others, avoidance of people, activities, or places.
  • About emotional or psychological elements
    anxiety, feeling guilty (or survivor’s guilt), apathy, feeling unappreciated, denial, feeling misunderstood, moodiness, feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or helpless.
  • Physical manifestations
    increased blood pressure, sweating or chills, increased respiration and heart rate, changes in appetite, easily startled, headaches, changes in the menstrual cycle, and hair loss.

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