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What is MST-PSB?

Multi - systemic Therapy for Problem Sexual Behavior (MST-PSB) is an adaptation of MST therapy developed for 10- to 17.5-year-old youth with sexually delinquent behaviors, including aggressive (sexual assault, rape) and non-aggressive (molestation of younger children) offenses. Youth may show the following behaviors:

  • Risk of out-of-home placement due to criminality
  •  Physical aggression (in home school or community)
  •  Verbal aggression and threats of harm to others
  • Substance abuse along with antisocial behaviors

The MST-PSB Difference

Therapists work with families to

  • reduce denial by both parents and child
  • strengthen relapse prevention
  • remove barriers to effective parenting
  • promote affection and communication within family
  • promote victim safety

Parents play an active role, such as

  • monitoring behaviors & school performance
  • helping in the development of risk-reduction plans
  • encouraging age appropriate/healthy peer relations

Youth are given the opportunity to

  • develop social and problem-solving skills
  • modify beliefs & attitudes that led to sexual offense

MST-PSB Treatment Goals

Amethyst's MST-PSB treatment program works with youth and their families to ensure:

  • Youth is able to safely remain at home
  • Youth is attending school, is in vocational training, or working, if of legal age
  • Youth has not received a new arrest since beginning treatment
  • Youth is free of any problem sexual behavior sexually related arrests or substantiated child abuse investigations

Treatment Works!